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Toronto Body Mod Community

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Ressurecting an old thread. Jul. 20th, 2012 @ 01:33 pm
Dylan Tyrer
I realize this group hasn't been posted in for quite some time, but it came up in a search, so I thought I would take the time to introduce myself and my shop to the Toronto community.

I own New School Studio in Barrie, Ontario. We are about 20 min north of Vaughn, 40 min from Toronto center. We are health board inspected for extreme modification such as:

Tongue Splitting

Ear Pointing





and Suspension.

We also do full custom tattooing, precision piercing and have a 100% full disclosure policy on our sterilization processes and health board inspections. Our Spore test results as well as our health board inspection certificate AND inspection forms are all available on our website.

Check us out. www.newschoolstudio.ca I'll be happy to answer any questions posted here, or through email as well.
Current Location: Barrie, Ontario

documentary about corsets and tightlacing Oct. 28th, 2009 @ 04:21 pm

I'm a film-maker living in Toronto, and I'm working on a documentary project with Sheridan college about the art of corset making and modern tight lacing culture.
We are filming for the next four months and currently looking for anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences with corsets and waist training . We already have a few of Toronto's most notable corsetiers on board.
Any newbies in the community who would like invite us to share their adventure would also be great!

You can email me at anamabbas@gmail.com for more info on the project, or call at 416 453 9307

We are looking for people in and around Toronto for now, but any input from anywhere is much appreciated. Also anyone who just wants to do an off-camera interview, please get in touch, it would still be great to hear about your experiences.

Info on me:

I just made my first corset this summer!  I want more people to appreciate the incredible amount of work that goes into constructing a safe and beautiful corset!  I also want to understand  the corset as a garment that truly celebrates the body and the community that welcomes anyone and everyone, and the corsetiers that accommodate any body type into their engineering and artistry.

Thank you all for your support!!!!!

VCH Piercing Jun. 12th, 2008 @ 06:26 pm
I've been thinking about getting a hood piercing for a long time now, and have finally decided to get it done this month. Originally I really liked the look of horizontal hood piercings, but after doing a lot of reading about them and going through many more pictures, I've decided that a vertical piercing might be better.

My question is, where's a good place to get this done in Toronto? And around how much will it cost? I suppose my primary concern is the experience and reputability of the piercer. I was reading about VCH piercings that are incorrectly placed and want to get it done right the first time. This will also be my first body piercing, and in a sensitive area, so I'm a bit nervous going in. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences they'd like to share?

On a related note, does anyone have any experience with Yonge St Tattoos?

Thanks muchos. <3

Hey dudes,

You should all come hang out next weekend at NIX. Here is the info!!

*AND* Don't forget to come check out the afterparty <3
If you like panties, sweet artwork and godsgirls.com - this is the night of your life ;)

Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 10:00pm
952 Queen Street West

Lingerie Fashion Show @ 11:30pm
Featuring brand new designs by Purrfect Pineapples
Models supplied by Godsgirls.com


N.I.X. and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art present "Art of the Human Canvas", an international gallery exhibition that explores the tattoo as a contemporary art form. The exhibit runs JUNE 11th - 15th, 2008 and will showcase works by : The Leu Family, Bob Tyrrell, Paul Booth, Kurt Wiscombe, The Dutchman, Bill Funk, Dan Allaston, Hailin Fu, Kurt Wiscombe, Larry Brogan, Joe Hegarty, Sean Herman, Marina Smallwood, Dave Nestler, Ben Miller, Emilie Roby, Matt Ellis

June 13 - 15th @ Toronto Hilton Hotel
145 Richmond Street West

Convention Hours:
June 13th - 2pm - 12am
June 14th - 12pm - 12am
June 15th - 12pm - 7pm

Ticket info available @ www.tattoos.com/nix

custom jewelry shops in toronto May. 21st, 2008 @ 11:03 pm

So I just randomly found this site, and I am hoping it will be helpful, sounds like it will be.
I will be in Toronto this Friday and I am hoping to be able to purchase some fine custom jewelry - in particular I would like some 1" wood inlays, or eyelets, stone or amber ones are fine as well. If anybody knows of any place off hand that sells some pretty awesome jewely I would appreciate just letting me know. I reside in New York, and I'll be in Toronto for Friday, and maybe Saturday. However, I will be back again that upcoming Thursday so any response up until then would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

Other entries
» Piercing instruction
Does anyone know of someone who could teach me to do piercings, and roughly how much it will cost?

I don't want to get into it professionally, but I would like to be able to pierce friends (and myself too) safely and permanently. I've done temporary piercing, and did myself in high school, but I'd like someone who really knows their stuff.

» (No Subject)
I was told at a place today that piercing is 30$ per ear, so 60$ just to do both ears. Is that standard? What's the difference between going to Claire's and getting it done for the price of the earrings?
» play piercings

where do you get your needles for play piercings in toronto?

what kind? what gauge? how much do they usually cost?

» (No Subject)
Hey all...

I'm looking to get a tattoo, more specifically a portrait tattoo.
Any experiences or suggestions for places in Toronto that do good portrait tattoos?

» new studio
I just came across an ad for Black Line Studio in a student paper and thought I'd bring it up. It just opened, but apparently seems to have an ok selection of jewelry which is why I'd visit, but as for why I'm posting...

Discuss this new place!

For that matter, what is your favourite studio and why?
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